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If you have big lawn or garden to spray, a backpack or pump sprayer won’t get the job done fast. That’s why you need the best pull behind tank sprayer.

Not only are they easy to use, they also cover a wider area of the lawn or garden, so you can cover a large section of the field within a short period.

The best pull behind tank sprayer is one made of a solid frame covered with a rust and corrosion resistant coating.

It should have a sizeable tank and easy to control nozzles for spraying precision.

Not only should it fir any tractor, mower, or ATV, it should also have a lengthy hose that allows you to spray tight spaces and places that would be otherwise difficult to reach.

With that said, let’s look at the top three best pull behind tank sprayers.

Best Pull Behind Tank Sprayer Reviews

1. Brinly ST-25BH Tow-Behind Lawn and Garden Sprayer with Boom

Brinly ST-25BH is one of the best tow-behind sprayer for lawn and garden thanks to the durable and performance optimized construction.

A closer look at the model shows that the brand has invested heavily in durable construction to give you a sprayer worth the money.

To begin with, the model features a heavy-duty steel frame with a power-coated finish for strength and durability.

The tubes, tanks, and valves a rust and corrosion resistant, so they can stand up to toxic chemicals and fertilizers.

It’s easy to adjust the amount of spray coming out of the boom. Simply adjust the nozzle and then squeeze the handle for the amount of volume you would like.

Moreover, the sprayer’s Ultra Lo-Drift spray tip ensures liquid content gets into contact with the garden or lawn even in the presence of strong wind. 

The included pump is a 12-volt model. It even includes an on and off switch mounted to the tractor for safe operation.

The length of the spraying hose isn’t the highest you will find, but it’s not disappointing either.

About 12 feet in size, this one is 20 feet shorter than what you get from the NorthStar 50-gallon sprayer. 

That notwithstanding, the hose features an ergonomic thumb control spray gun and easy to adjust nozzle, so you can easily spray spaces that would have otherwise been difficult to reach.

The model even features a collapsible boom. Together with the in-line tank design, the whole setup ensures you maneuver tight areas such as garden gates and retaining walls with ease.

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  • Includes Lo-Drift spray tips for spraying accuracy
  • The collapsible boom makes it easy to reach areas that would have been otherwise difficult to reach
  • Includes a universal hitch that attaches to any lawn tractor and ATVs
  • The 12-foot hose has an adjustable nozzle that make hard to reach places easy to spray


  • The tank may be somewhat small for some people
  • Not suitable for large lawns or gardens given the small size of the tank

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2. NorthStar 55-Gallon Tow-Behind Trailer Sprayer

NorthStar 55-Gallon Tow-Behind Trailer Sprayer is a reliable model that delivers what it promises.

Powered by a 160cc Honda Engine, it can deliver liquid spray in the rate of 7 gallons per minute, making it easy for you to cover a larger area of your lawn in a very short time.

Add to this the 55-gallon tank and you’re sure you can cover a larger section of your lawn with only a few rounds of water or chemical refills.

The tank features thick, UV stabilized walls, which makes it suitable for use even under extremely unfriendly weather without ever having to worry about bulging and sagging.

The tank’s lid is 6 inches wide, enough to allow for easy filling. Also, there’s an opening at the bottom, which allows you to empty the tank with ease.

Made of reinforced polyvinyl, the hose is clear enough to allow you to monitor the flow of chemicals from the tank.

There are two nozzles included in the design and you have full control of both 

NorthStar takes the credit for considering the durability of this pull behind sprayer for lawn tractors. They protect the pump with a rust resistant alloy housing,

Viton seals, and stainless steel shaft. The 160cc engine isn’t just lightweight.

It also consumes less fuel when in use and offer smooth, quiet performance throughout its runtime. It’s also easy to maintain.

One of the best things about this tow-behind law sprayer is its broadcasting power of the nozzle.

With its 32-foot swath, the sprayer can cover quite a large area, making it the best for big lawns, roadways, and fields.

Moreover, the ATV boom broadcast and spot spray ensures you spray only what you need.

Given that you can control the spray direction of the nozzles, it’s quite easy to spray right spaces, especially property boundaries and fence lines.


  • Tank include filter fill and gallon gauge marks
  • Easy to use once assembled
  • Can tow behind an ATV or a garden tractor


  • Doesn’t come pre-assembled, but it has easy to follow user manual
  • This unit is expensive

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3. NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Sprayer

NorthStar is a well-built tow-behind trailer sprayer that uses a 4-roller pump to deliver up to 7 gallons of liquid content per minute.

For strength, durability, and long-term service, NorthStar coats the 21-gallon plastic tank with a UV-resistant finish and a corrosion-resistant alloy housing for the pump.

With Viton seals and stainless steel shaft, this pull behind lawn sprayer can stand up to any climate and work well with pesticides of all kinds.

Given its industrial-grade construction, and a sophisticated pressure switch that cycles slowly to lessen the motor’s wear and tear,

you should expect the pump to work for an extended period without stopping or overheating.

One of the best things about this tow-behind trailer sprayer is the ability to control the left and the right nozzle.

That means you have the freedom to set how much liquid content you spray depending on your needs.

The tanks lid is 7.5 inches, wide enough to let you fill the tank with water and or chemicals without worrying about spilling content to the ground.

Holding the tank and its heavy content is a heavy-duty steel cart that can go to any environment.

Whether you have a rough hilly terrain or want to spray a flat lawn, this will work.

Given its maneuverability and multiple spray options, you can cover a large area of a lawn fast and with ease. 

With a spring-loaded breakaway boom arm that doesn’t easy bend or break with force, the cart can easily get to the places that would be otherwise difficult to reach.

The cart rolls on 12-inch pneumatic wheels, which not only offer traction but also ensures grip and stability on rough surfaces.

This doesn’t come assembled. But you do get an instruction manual that makes it easy for you to put the parts together.

The setup features an easy to tow attachment, so you can easily attach the cart to a garden tractor or an ATV in a matter of minutes.


  • Left and right nozzle easy to control
  • Industrial-grade construction for strength and durability
  • Large storage tank
  • Decent GPM rating


  • Doesn’t come pre-assembled and can take a while to put together
  • Short electrical wiring


With their spring loaded booms that fold easily, nozzles that are easy to control, and high PSI rate that ensure consistent fluid flow, you simply can’t go wrong with these pull behind tank sprayers.

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